Our Mission

To ensure that every veteran and first responder transitioning into permanent housing from living on the streets has the household goods and accessories they need to turn their empty house into a home.

Through its “Fresh Start” Program, the VoTF furnishes homes for those who are making the transition into permanent housing.  The Foundation provides everything from dishes and rugs to pictures, lamps, sofas and dressers…anything needed to transform their new house into a “home.”

The “Beyond the Streets Program” re-educates those we serve about the basics of self-sufficient living.  During the course of three months, our volunteers follow up with each of our clients several times to ensure they are developing the necessary life skills to maintain their personal hygiene, their homes and social skills needed to reenter their communities as productive citizens.

In Summary

It is vital that American communities better understand what America’s 911 Force and their families are facing – and use that knowledge to simply, positively, and productively help those families address the challenges that service to our country has imposed upon them. The Vets on Track Foundation is taking a step forward in providing the necessary support they need.

We remain optimistic about the future of our veterans and first responders and are positively encouraged by the reaction from communities all across the country to support the “Fresh Start Program.” We must keep that momentum going, so that our ability to provide veterans and their families the needed support to get their lives back on track remains strong.