…Our Nation has been at war for more than a decade. Families all across the country are stressed; and communities are being torn apart through social unrest...it's time to take a step back and remember what makes this country so great...it's time to help our families, neighbors and friends get re-connected…

Communities become stronger when its citizens pull together in support of one another. Our Nation is stronger when communities unite in support of a cause. We have seen this country come together under the best and worst of times…and when we pool our strength as a Nation…the American people are unstoppable. There is no other country like it on the planet.

Each year on Armed Forces Day the Vets on Track Foundation plays a small role in helping reunite this country through its Connect America campaign. Although the campaign is the annual fundraising event for the Foundation, the campaign is focused on bringing the Nation. 

Through a specially designed t-shirt and Connect America events all across the country, we’ve taken great steps toward uniting a Nation…one community at a time. Our specially designed t-shirt carries the strength and unity of a country…but through the comradery of the gala and the special events across the country…we also deliver hope. By sharing in a common cause, we are able to unite our neighbors, and strengthen the bond within our communities…and ultimately deliver support to our veterans, first responders and their families when they need it.

Money raised from the Connect America campaign goes to support the Vets on Track Foundation’s Fresh Start Program. The Vets on Track Foundation is a state and federally registered non-profit organization. Our state SCC number is: 07697485 and our Federal Tax ID Number is: 46-3805203.