The Connect America T-Shirt

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Connect America 2016 campaign.  On Armed Forces Day 2016 (May 21st) we are asking everyone in this Country to wear the Connect America T-Shirt.  We want...for at least one show unity all across the land by encouraging folks to connect with their family, friends and neighbors. 

Through the support of a Nation, we will attempt to set a World Record for the number of people wearing the same t-shirt on the same day….supporting the same cause.  We will also attempt to set a World Record by having the most veterans attend a single event…our Connect America concert in the Washington DC area and all the “live” connected parties across the country. 

We are accepting pre-orders on the Connect America T-Shirt, with expected delivery to be late November.  We hope you see the value in purchasing a Connect America 2016 t-shirt…knowing that each sale will go to support the Vets on Track Foundation and our non-profit partners.


Only $17.76

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